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1955 Set up a small family business in fabric dyeing under registered name
of " YONG TEX LONG " in Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province,
Thailand. The nature of business involved dyeing gray fabrics with
indigo and natural black colors using traditional dyeing methods.
The dyed fabrics were sold under the " LOCK " trademark.
1971 The factory was moved to present location of Kangwal Textile Co.,Ltd.
Business activities were expanded to undertake yarn dyeing
and weaving under the name " Kangwal Weaving Factory ". The
weaving factory manufactured yarn dyed fabrics for lady skirts
(Sarong) and sold the products under " LOCK " brand. The products
were most popular amongst Thai ladies at that period and had a
good reputation in the market because of their consistent high quality.
The weaving factory continued to expand and a spinning mill was
set up to produce yarn for its own use in the year 1984.
1984 The establishment of the spinning mill was the most significant turning
point. The demand for sarong lady skirts declined. The Thai textile
industry started developing high quality products for ever-growing
textile and garment exports from Thailand. Spun yarn became a
a primary raw material and the demand for yarn increased rapidly.
1987 Kangwal Textile Co., Ltd. Was incorporated. The plant was to
manufacture yarn and fabrics for exports. Modern textile machineries
were inported under BOI privileges to produce high quality products
for export purpose. Since then the company continued to expand
its production capacity periodically.
1995 Kangwal Polyester Co., Ltd. Was founded to produce polyester fiber,
which was a raw material for Kangwal Textile Co., Ltd. with BOI's
promotion privileges. The plant was built at Khaoyoi district,
Phetchaburi province.
1998 Kangwal Polyester plant, equipped with modern German technology,
began producing high quality polyester at word scale production
capacity in May, enabling it to compete on equal terms the world
2001 Kangwal Textile Co.,Ltd. started major consolidation in terms of
investing in various new machineries in the process in order to
bring adequate quality to meet international standard.
2002 Kangwal Polyester Co.,Ltd. expanded capacity of polyester staple
fibre production (DOUBLE) to remain cost effective and to meet
growing international market demand.
2003 Kangwal Textile Co.,Ltd. expands its capacity in spinning and
weaving considerably to cater to diversified markets with
adequate quality and cost.

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